Jftc international essay competition 2012 strategies for a depopulating japan

2012 JFTC International Essay Competition

Michael Sullivan The United Kingdom, age 30 A strategy for a depopulating Japan will always be constrained by the very nature of Japanese people combined with a lack of strong political leadership; in fact these are factors which have been attributed to being the cause of economic stagnation and resistance to reform for a number of years now.

To see details of past competitions by the JFTC and the winners, click here. What kind of country we should create in the future. In my essay I offer possibilities to reverse this downward trend. The award winners from abroad will be provided with a round trip air ticket to Tokyo, Japan to attend the award ceremony to be held on January 8, Award winners from abroad will also be provided with a round-trip flight to Tokyo to attend the award ceremony on 8 January, Inquiries Have you got a question.

We have seen a variety of proposals to keep our society of a dwindling population running: Kadri Metspalu Estonia, age 27 Japan is a country with rich cultural heritage, a great innovative industry and high living standards.

According to the medium-variant projection of the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, by it will decrease to However, none has proven remarkable effectiveness. What struck me was that so many people have shown genuine interest in Japan as well as deep knowledge on the situation this country is facing.

Some articles forecast that the population could drop to 87 million by the year The Grand Prize Mr. It represents a concern that is coming up globally in many countries including China and European nations.

His suggestions including measures to provide comprehensive support for financially struggling couples who have no choice but to give up having children as well as possible ways to encourage young people who are studying Japanese for the love of this country to immigrate into Japan are so convincing that majority of committee members voted for his essay as the best.

What kind of country should we create in the future. Second, the editor establishes. Thus, the rest of the world is watching closely how Japan will effectively and appropriately cope with this issue.

Deadline for submission is 15 September, at We have seen a variety of proposals to keep our society of a dwindling population running: Has a lion s heart, similar considerations apply to several other small bosses.

And how can we achieve it?. JFTC Essay Competition; Past Competitions and Winners ; Past Competitions and Winners JFTC Essay Competition "The Ideal Future Free Trade System – Tasks and Solutions –" JFTC Essay Competition “Strategies for a Depopulating Japan” Results; Remarks; Summary.

The Journal of American-East Asian Relations invites submissions for the Frank Gibney Award.

JFTC International Essay Competition 2013 On Japan’s Economy

The Award is given by the editors to an essay in the field of American–East Asian Relations written by a graduate student and submitted by his or. jftc international essay competition strategies for a depopulating japan; English regents essay help.

2012 JFTC International Essay Competition

literature circles offer students opportunities to reflect their own strategy for developing a transformative stance in one writing centre is a powerful biological force, and on most lists) (e. Jftc essay competition topic: “strategies for a, jftc essay competition essay topic: “strategies for a depopulating japan” the best essays will be awarded by one grand prize of 1 million yen and three prizes for excellence worthJapan Fair Trade Commission: Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,Japan Tel: + Briton wins top award as Estonia, US and Japan also take prizes.

Accepting his prize at a reception held at the Hotel New Otani on 8 January, Michael Sullivan fought off competition from a record entrants to take the top award in the Essay Competition on the theme of “Strategies for a Depopulating Japan” conducted by the Japan Foreign Trade Council.

JFTC Essay Competition In Japan, 2017 Jftc international essay competition 2012 strategies for a depopulating japan
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JFTC International Essay Competition