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For example, there are people who obviously think more than others, who use their thought in making decisions, who like to think things out, and who regard thought as the most important attribute of human beings.

There is a whole class of men [he says] who at the moment of reaction to a given situation at first draw back a little as if with an unvoiced 'No', and only after that are able to react; and there is another class who, in the same situation, come forward with an immediate reaction, apparently confident that their behavior is obviously right.

Therapist takes a theoretical stance as a way to intensify what the family members are presently experiencing and encourage them to reach into their unconscious to understand what is really going on in the family.

Yet women like me—the sick and the mad—have been read, over and over again, through the centuries. He drives his chariot across the sky, and in the west a great mother dragon waits to devour him in the evening.

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Amidst all these, you have to realize that the case study sample on offer will not match or meet the specific requirements from your individual professor or lecturer.

Carl Whitaker A Assumptions 1. I will disregard all those possible sensations and feelings which become noticeable as a more or less disturbing accompaniment to my train of thought, merely emphasizing the fact that this very thinking process which proceeds from objective data and strives again towards the object stands also in a constant relation to the subject.

They dislike being alone, and think reflection morbid, and this, together with a lack of self-criticism, makes them more attractive to the outer world than to their family or immediate circle, where they can be seen without disguise. As illustrative examples they have their value, but they must not prevail.

Then, fill the inside of the circle with insights and understanding revealed by the Holy Spirit. Stresses the importance of genuineness 8. A descent into matter, which was preceded or followed by an ascent to the upper realms.

The Sufi movement, as exemplified by Ibn Arabicontinued to explore contemplative approaches to the imaginal realm. Client completed high school and college with a degree in business. Jung, on the other hand, gives the inner or psychic process a value equal to the outer or environmental one.

Client appears casually dressed, neatly groomed and is cooperative. She did not like the taste or smell and reports they made her lungs hurt, so she did not continue. This will help you to understand the basic contents of the paper, coupled with the form or the structure of the writing.

She denied enjoying the experience but reports continued experimentation with alcohol one or two times per month until college when she stopped drinking following a binge-drinking episode prior to leaving for college in which she reports drinking until she began vomiting.

A creative thinker like Charles Darwin, who is an excellent example of an extraverted thinker, could give order and meaning to the mass of facts he collected, but where the creative idea is lacking the thinker compensates by producing more and more facts, until there is a mountain of material, often of doubtful value.

Although I try my utmost to give a completely objective direction to my train of thought, even then I cannot exclude the parallel subjective process with its all-embracing participation, without extinguishing the very spark of life from my thought.

Extraverts tend to be both optimistic and enthusiastic, though their enthusiasm does not last too well. As an example of this transfer of energy from an instinctive to a cultural purpose, Jung cites the spring ceremonial of the primitive Watschandis, who dig a hole in the earth, surround it with bushes in imitation of the female genitals, and dance round it holding their spears in front to simulate an erect penis.

One may find both extraverted and introverted children in the same family, which is sometimes unfortunate for the latter type, who tend to be out shadowed by their sociable brothers and sisters.

I was sitting at my desk once more, thinking over my fears. This parallel subjective process has a natural tendency, only relatively avoidable, to subjectify objective facts, i.

The challenge is of tracing back to Robert Fludd, behind Johannes Kepler - in consideration of the results of quantum physics and the insights of depth psychology. In Psychological Types Jung traces the influence of the two attitudes historically, as it affected the formulations of philosophy and the development of religion; he traces its effect on poetry, aesthetics, and lastly on psychology.

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The equivalence of matter and spirit in the Hermetic opus is underlined by the fact, that the infans solaris - despite its name - is not born in heaven but into a middle sphere, which is an intermediate realm. Unmask pretense, create new meaning, and liberate family members to be themselves.

European tradition[ edit ] The theosophy of post-Renaissance Europe embraced imaginal cognition. They inspire both creation and destruction, a work of art or an outburst of mob frenzy, for they are 'the hidden treasure upon which mankind ever and anon has drawn, and from which it has raised up its gods and demons, and all those potent and mighty thoughts without which man ceases to be man'.

Therefore, we can imagine how glad he was, when he realized, that besides the Neoplatonic branch of alchemy there existed also the Hermetic one.

Carl Jung and Case Study

The island is the ego, the knowing, willing 'I', the centre of consciousness. But once they are realized by the individual, dreams may become "weaker and less frequent" whereas they may have been quite vivid and recurring beforehand.

Shyness in regard to objects is very slight; the child moves and lives among them with trust. Carl Jung; Carl Jung Essay Sample.

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Get Access. Carl Jung Essay Sample. Application Questions: 1. What is Bob’s attitude according to Jungian theory? This can be seen in the case study when Bob states.

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The resources mentioned above will be carefully reviewed so that appropriate answers are developed in regard to this study. A case study may involve different scenarios which you should analyze and choose one.

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Carl Jung Essay Carl Gustav Jung’s early life Carl Gusatav Jung who was to become known as the founding father of analytical psychology was born on the 26th July in Kesswil, Switzerland and died on the 6th June

Case study 3 carl jung essay
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